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Original pencils by Jan Duursema--

Posted on 2013.08.30 at 19:54
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from her Facebook gallery. Jan has been drawing cards for sale on Ebay and sharing history with us! 


What fan fiction is all about!

Posted on 2013.04.23 at 07:43
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This is not the first Quin action figure, but it's surprisingly sexy for an animation spinoff.


EYE CANDY: Doug Wangler's gallery on Facebook !

Posted on 2012.08.29 at 23:12
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Why?  Because he was Jan Duursema's model, that's why!  Feast your eyes on his convention appearances and collections!


How sweet it is!

Posted on 2012.04.04 at 18:09
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Dark Times HET : helga the Hutt is back

Posted on 2012.03.22 at 18:59
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Title: Professionals
Author: Helgaleena
Fandom: Star Wars, Dark Times comics
Characters: Ember Chankeli, On Prine, Dass Jennir
Genre: het, adult
Warnings: light bondage
Word count: 3036

On the trail of the fugitive Jedi Dass Jennir, bounty hunter On Prine incidentally liberates his traveling companion, former madam Ember Chankeli, from a caravan of slave traders.
All the dialogue is by Randy Stradley, the writer of Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness Volume 4. I am just translating into words, and adding extra action.

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Let's get serious here.... COMIC REC

Posted on 2010.11.17 at 18:55
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We all want the younger generation to know canon...right? RIGHT????

thanks to the freaks at

She has done this in honor of Quin's upcoming appearance on the Clone Wars animated TV show November 12. Oh swoon....

this art is by
Much more info at




Posted on 2010.07.20 at 10:42
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I am one of the lucky 10% of users of The Archive at the End of the Universe who received this timely communique from Llama. So I am spreading the news.

The-Archive has got nearly every fanfiction I have ever written in it, with the exception of the Quinlan Vos 100 Fanfics Project, which I thought might be a little too big, muwahaha... and they are nearly always up, easy to read, and easy to use. They are also very all-inclusive with thousands of faniverses to post in.

For those who do NOT know of it, the name is a reference to Douglas Adams, Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And it is exactly that cool a place.

Here is ----

The Archive at the End of the Universe will shortly have a new system in place for reporting problems and requesting new fandoms and characters as well as requesting accounts, and we have a new community on Insanejournal to make this easier for IJ users:

Please see the post here: for news on the Archive's future and the current fundraising drive.

If The Archive is still of use to you, or you want to help preserve the work of writers no longer in fandom who are archived here, please help if you can. Even a tiny donation will help ensure The Archive's future. We are already almost at our minimum fundraising target but if we exceed it we can renew the domain for longer and save money that will extend the Archive's future!

Thank you, Llama

P.S. Apologies to anyone who receives this more than once, the site only sent out this message to about 10% of Archive users but it's impossible for me to work out which 10%. I won't be sending any more emails about this to everyone, I promise :)

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