I am in orbit....

Ever since Russia took over the servers at LJ, people have begun to worry about censorship of their journal content.

In harmony with the worriers, I have launched a satellite home, eventually to be filled with copies of everything posted here in this journal.

If you click on the picture you may find yourself instantly in Hutt Space. The address is

For the Quinlan Vos readers I also started

Dark Times HET : helga the Hutt is back

Title: Professionals
Author: Helgaleena
Fandom: Star Wars, Dark Times comics
Characters: Ember Chankeli, On Prine, Dass Jennir
Genre: het, adult
Warnings: light bondage
Word count: 3036

On the trail of the fugitive Jedi Dass Jennir, bounty hunter On Prine incidentally liberates his traveling companion, former madam Ember Chankeli, from a caravan of slave traders.
All the dialogue is by Randy Stradley, the writer of Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness Volume 4. I am just translating into words, and adding extra action.

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