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Let's get serious here.... COMIC REC

Posted on 2010.11.17 at 18:55
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We all want the younger generation to know canon...right? RIGHT????

thanks to the freaks at asylum.com


She has done this in honor of Quin's upcoming appearance on the Clone Wars animated TV show November 12. Oh swoon....

this art is by http://heizerunattsu.livejournal.com/
Much more info at






Posted on 2010.07.20 at 10:42
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I am one of the lucky 10% of users of The Archive at the End of the Universe who received this timely communique from Llama. So I am spreading the news.

The-Archive has got nearly every fanfiction I have ever written in it, with the exception of the Quinlan Vos 100 Fanfics Project, which I thought might be a little too big, muwahaha... and they are nearly always up, easy to read, and easy to use. They are also very all-inclusive with thousands of faniverses to post in.

For those who do NOT know of it, the name is a reference to Douglas Adams, Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And it is exactly that cool a place.

Here is LLAMA---llama@the-archive.net ----

The Archive at the End of the Universe will shortly have a new system in place for reporting problems and requesting new fandoms and characters as well as requesting accounts, and we have a new community on Insanejournal to make this easier for IJ users: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/archiveattheend/.

Please see the post here: http://community.livejournal.com/archiveattheend/14438.html for news on the Archive's future and the current fundraising drive.

If The Archive is still of use to you, or you want to help preserve the work of writers no longer in fandom who are archived here, please help if you can. Even a tiny donation will help ensure The Archive's future. We are already almost at our minimum fundraising target but if we exceed it we can renew the domain for longer and save money that will extend the Archive's future!

Thank you, Llama


P.S. Apologies to anyone who receives this more than once, the site only sent out this message to about 10% of Archive users but it's impossible for me to work out which 10%. I won't be sending any more emails about this to everyone, I promise :)



Posted on 2009.11.11 at 21:00
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this was crossposted by rjsteamboat76

where everything goes in the GFFA

when I was over at capslock_cw enjoying the Poser mashups of mythopoeic genius

Do go join in the requesting and fulfilling of fanfic pairings of amazing diversity.

I know I did. (though it was something I had written about Quin and Obi for the quinlanvos100 I put in the link like the generous smutwriter I am)

Having been irrevocably swallowed by the marshmallow goodness of capslock_cw I ventured further into the world of CG animated GFFA and found slashy renewal and many diamonds, such as this little gem that fits no category except bunnypancake.

Title: Memory of Sulfur
Author: cybertronics
Rating: G
Pairing: None, but Bane/A pancake if you squint
Word Count: 665
Summary: A breakfast-inspired tale of a Duros, a pancake, and a memory.


fistfullofduros a community devoted to Cad Bane


Dear Darth Iktomi:

Posted on 2009.07.18 at 11:37
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This morning I received a private message from a posting personality at the Force.net Forums. We had been involved in a revived discussion on the fanfiction section about Kyp Durron, the Boy who Survived Kessel. Sadly before I could reply to him he was banned.

Not sure why but I know he needs a response. Hope you find this blog, Darth--

Read more...Collapse )

Because we were discussing fanfiction that originally appeared at the community kyp_durron_fic I will be reposting there too.


Let the good times on Tatooine roll!

Posted on 2009.07.16 at 10:02
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Under the cut is a honkin' big page of Jan Duursema's art for Legacy 38 which has just been previewed at Dark Horse website.Read more...Collapse )

I swear, that barkeep and that Twi'lek hottie could have stepped out of Jaxxon's Twi'leks by moi-- that Quinlan Vos adventure in pre-Dark Horse slash, available here:



Silly Rabbit Sector news

Posted on 2009.04.12 at 13:56
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I was just over at TheForceNet Forums and linked over to the latest Wookieepedia page on the species of one of my favorite Star Wars hunks.


Lepus carnivorous is finally getting some respect! Now if only they had remembered to put the Coachelle System in the new atlas that's in edits at LFL.

Jaxxon is the secondary star of my chapterfic Jaxxon's Twi'leks available at the Archive at the End of the Universe

as well as here on LJ in various SW fiction threads, and is part of the Quinlan Vos 100 fanfics Project http://community.livejournal.com/quinlanvos100

I felt like re-visiting the big green fellow today for some reason.

I just checked in to see if my first posts on LJ were still showing up and they are not. WARNING--- everything before January 2005 is GONE!

LJ is punishing me for not being a subscriber by eroding my content. I'm not too worried because the stories are also in archives elsewhere, but the journal entries? I just referred somebody to a manifesto of mine that is GONE. Must dig it our of the wayback machine or something....

Found the repost!


Gonna put a link on the infopage too. Whew.

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